The Garrett Coliseum

31,000 sq ft. seating for 10,500

Our largest and most customizable facility. The Coliseum is the perfect place to host rodeos, concerts, social events, trade shows, sports events, circuses and conventions.

W.O. Crawford Arena

26,243 sq ft.

The W.O. Crawford Arena is our outdoor covered arena. The Crawford arena comes complete with concession stand, covered bleachers, plenty of parking and convenient restrooms.

Ed Teague Arena

7,800 sq ft.

The Ed Teague Arena is a multi-purpose air conditioned facility with easy access from the main gate. The Ed Teague Arena has been used to host everything from simple family reunions to beautifully adorned wedding parties.

Homer Lewis Building

10,500 sq ft.

Exhibit Building

14,400 sq ft.

Creative Living Center

Livestock Barn

14,400 sq ft.

Dairy Barn

14,400 sq ft.

Complete with state of the art milking parlor

Horse Barns

We have enough space to house 600 horses with 22 barns on the grounds.